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Aloe Vera Tea

Food Specifications: Anti aging, Green tea, Aloe vera, Herbal tea, Immune System, Reduces inflammation, Diabetes, Diabetic, Low Fat/ Fat Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

    20 Tea bags

    Health Benefits: • Stabilizes blood sugar • Detoxify the body • Hydrates the skin • Lowers high cholesterol • Supports immune system • High in vitamins & minerals • High in amino acids and fatty acids • Reduces inflammation

    This herbal plant grows in tropical climates around the world. This is called Sottu Kattalai, Kumari, Kanni and Thalai in Tamil. Its scientific name is "Aloe barbadensis miller". Its leaves and roots are used for medical uses. It is a stem less herb of which leaves grow layer after layer. The margin of the leaf has small thorny teeth. There are three important species mostly used in common in Sri Lanka: Sottu Kattalai, Senkattalai and Anai Kattalai. Totally this Aloe Vera has more than 500 species in the world.

    Tea type: Herbal/Tisane

    Brand: Tamlook Lifetone