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Hibiscus Tea


Health Benefits: • Improves immune system • Improves blood circulation • Boosts energy • Reduces blood pressure • Lowers bad cholesterol • Assists in weight loss • Releases menstrual pain and cramps • Rich in vitamin C • Maintains body temperature • Prevents bladder infections & constipation • Protects liver from infections

20 Tea bags

Hibiscus is a flowering plant which is typically grown in warm tropical climates. These flowers are large and are shaped like a trumpet. There are around 200 species of this plant and they belong to the mallow family. The pistils of this flower protrude dramatically from the horn of the flower making it into showy blossoms. The leaves are alternate and parted with vents which fan out from the leaf stem. They are available in several colors from deep purple to white and even multicolored. This flower is known to have numerous health benefits including blood pressure and cholesterol control as well as weight loss and treatment of inflammation. It is also known to detoxify the body and act as anti-depressant when taken.

Tea type: Herbal/Tisane

Brand: Tamlook Lifetone