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Holy Basil Tea


Health Benefits: • Anti-stress agent • Sharpen memory and strengthen the nervous system • Helps slowing down the aging process • Controls blood sugar • Assists treating insomnia • Treats mouth ulcers and inflammations • Boosts immune system • Benefits men’s sexual health • Treats common cold and cures stomach disorders

20 Tea bags

This medicinal plant is an aromatic herbal plant. This is called “Queen of Herbs”. As this is a holy plant in Hindu religion, it is being used and harvested for thousands of years for religious and medicinal usages including Ayurveda, Greek, Roman, Siddha and Unani. It is native to India originally and then it was spread to Indian sub-continental islands such as Sri Lanka, Anthaman-Nicobar and to other countries. There are above 300 species which include Nattulasi, Karunthulasi, Senthulasi, Kal thulasi, Mul thulasi, Nai thulasi (Kanchankorai, Thiruththulai) all over the world. 

Tea type: Herbal/Tisane

Brand: Tamlook Lifetone