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Mango Leaf Green Tea


Food Specifications: Anti-aging, weight loss, green tea, mango, mango tea, mango leaf tea, Herbal supplement, Herbal tea, Mango leaves, Mango Herbs, Diabetic, Sugar-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

20 Tea bags

Health Benefits: • Controls and regulates diabetes • Helps to lose belly fat • Lowers blood pressure • Treats gall & kidney stones • Treat gout • Helps to overcome nervousness • Cures stomach related disorders • Known as fertility drug

Mango is native to South Asia and mostly found in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Southeast Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, etc. The mango fruits are found in many varieties and they are fleshly, juicy and tasty. Also, it contains many health benefits. Not only fruits but also the leaves contain many medicinal properties. The leaves are dried and powdered. When you have them mixed with hot water, it can be the remedy for many illnesses.

Tea type: Herbal/Tisane

Brand: Tamlook Lifetone